by Chuck Boeheim

Wouldn’t you love to have a Knot of Confusion to use against your enemies?
A Gaslamp Fantasy
# Fantasy
# Magical Realism
# Magic
# Gaslamp
# Alternate History
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Knots features a cast of eccentric and only conditionally-trustworthy characters that will appeal to fans of Roger Zelazny or Neil Gaiman. Or if you enjoy the inventive magic systems of Brandon Sanderson, let Knots introduce you to Topomancy. In this world, a precisely tied knot, an exactly folded paper, or a cunningly drawn figure can unlock wonders and horrors. Resche, an art thief, finds himself in a quaint Swiss town that borders Spain on one side and South America on the other. Mages are engaged in playing a game of Geomancy with tiles the size of cities. When he is caught stealing from one of them, he becomes a pawn in their intricate game. The Fractalist priest is enigmatic, the Jeweler may not be what he seems, and the Astromancer turned up dead the night he consulted her. Emeline, the newspaper editor, seems sympathetic, but what are her motives? His companion Trefoil tells Resche to trust her, but what does a cat know (even a talking one)? It’s time to find a way back to his own world, but the bridge he crossed has vanished in the fog. Wouldn’t you love to have a Knot of Confusion to use against your enemies? Step into the unique world of Knots today. Just remember your way back.